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A tremendous opportunity for players to showcase their skills in on  of the biggest recruiting stages to come to the Rocky Mountain Region each year.


The event is held in Conjunction with the JUCO Advocate - Rocky Mountain Jamboree which has an average of 200 college coaches each year. 


Time - 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Place - The Courts: Northglenn, Colorado

Format - Individual player showcase 


Details: Elite 100 individual players will be assigned to teams to compete against each other in front of college coaches & recruiting evaluators. Each player will have their picture taken in their Uprise ELITE 100 uniform they will be given at check in along with a player waiver if not previously completed. Players will compete in their own shorts & shoes. 


A medical athletic trainer will be on site for any potential injuries that may occur. 


Players will receive more information after registration to this event. 

Presale Tickets
Event Schedule


5:30 pm - Event Introduction
6:00 pm - Prep with your team & Coach
6:30 pm - Teams 1-8 play 1st games
7:00 pm - Teams 9-16 play 1st games
7:30 pm - Teams 1-8 play 2nd games
8:00 pm - Teams 9-16 play 2nd games
8:30pm - Teams 1-8 play 3rd games
9:00 pm - Teams 9-16 play 3rd games
9:30 pm - Event closing remarks
9:50 pm Event conclusion

Each team play in 3 #Elite100 games

Want action shots at #Elite100?

Twenty20 images rates for #Elite100:
Prices: 1 Game - $85
2 Games - $160
3 Games - $225

For booking:

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