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3v3 Holiday Hoops - Tournament Day 2

3pm - Court #1 - Bye

3pm - Court #2
Young Basketball vs. Steinkamp Hoopers

3pm - Court #3
Lightening vs. Lady Iron

3pm - Court #4 (Game 4)
970 Elite vs. Timnath Terror

3:40 - Court #1
Nothing but Net vs. Winner of Game 4

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3pm - Court #5
Titans vs. Grind Basketball

3pm - Court #6
Eaton Reds vs. Bulldogs

3:20pm - Court #6
Hezi Dribbles vs. SWAT Team

3:20pm - Court #5
Buckets vs FCA Warriors

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Middle School Silver

3:40pm - Court #3
Windsor Hoopers vs. Trio of Bandits

3:40pm - Court #4
NOCO Triple Threat vs. Omnivores

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Elite Girls
3:20pm - Court #1 (Game 1)

3:20pm - Court #2 (Game 2)
NOCO Knights vs. Spartans

4pm - Court #3
Victorious Secrets vs. Winner of Game 1

4pm - Court #4
Dawgs vs. Winner of Game 2

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Middle School Gold

4pm - Court #1 (Game 1)
Severance All-Stars vs. Triple Threat

4pm - Court #2 (Game 2)
Below the Rim vs. 21

4pm - Court #5 (Game 3)
Balls to the Wall vs. Tropics

4:20pm - Court #6 (Game 4)
NOCO Elite vs. Warriors

4:40pm - Court #1
Grind Basketball vs. Winner of Game 1

4:40pm - Court #2
Knights vs. Winner of Game 2

5:00pm - Court #3
Swish vs. Winner of Game 3

5:00pm - Court #4
Watermalone vs. Winner of Game 4


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HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES:  High school age boys who are NOT playing on their High School team. 


3on3 games will be played at Nights between 4-8pm

  • Dec 29 - Seeding Play

  • Dec 30 - Tournament Play



  • Gold / Silver / Bronze when enough teams available

  • 4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th, High School



  • Power 2 Play



  • Games only (no practices provided by the League)

  • Each team will receive 5 game minimum, 3 minimum in seeding play, and 2 to 4 more in the tournament.

  • The Tournament will be single elimination but each team will get a 2 game minimum 

  • Each team's roster will be allowed a minimum of 3 players, and a maximum of 8 players.

  • We will work with teams to avoid conflicts, submit your schedule request by email to



  • Games will be fast and fun, and each player will get a lot of touches on the ball.

  • To initiate play after the check of the ball to the defending team, offensive team must initiate with a pass

  • Ball must be taken back behind the 3 point line by the person with the ball on any change of possession in order to score

  • The score clock will be set at 16 minutes, and does not stop until dead balls in a game under 10 points.

  • Each team gets 1 30 second time out they can use only under the last 1 minute of the game.

  • Overtime will be decided by 1st team to score

  • To decide who gains 1st possession, 1 team is to “shoot for ball.” A free throw (under 6th grade, a 3pointer over 6th grade). Make it, you get ball.

  • Baskets are 2 & 3 points. Non shooting fouls go to check up top. Shooting fouls, the offensive team gets the 2 or 3 the attempt by itself is worth. 

  • There are no free throws unless you’re fouled under the last minute of the game as the winning team.

  • Any foul to the winning team, clock stops & you shoot 1 shot for 2 points. Shooting fouls as the loosing to are the same as usual under last minute.




3on3 League Registration fee is $225 per team.



If you played Uprise 3v3 last summer, please reach out about our $50 discount code available to those returning participants 

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